Logitech z625 review indonesia

Logitech upgraded their older Z speaker to feature an optical port and branded it the Z The optical port opens up a wider array of connectivity options such as the ability to hook them up to a TV or Console directly. While these speakers are perfect for movie watching and casual gaming, their ability to belt out good music was surprising to say the least.

The official MRP price tag on the Logitech Z is high, but their street price is considerably lower — anywhere between Rs.

The Logitech Z, as it turns out, is the updated version of its predecessor — the now good old Z The optical input might not sound like a big deal, at least not as much as warranting a new SKU, but the fact is, it greatly expands the use case scenarios for these speakers.

With one seemingly innocuous addition, your console or your TV can be connected to it via a more efficient, and usually higher quality connectivity mechanism. Of course, the more nuanced answer is below for those who want more than the tl;dr version.

The stereo separation on the Z is good enough for detecting enemy positions while gaming. Build and Design The speaker system being in the 2.

logitech z625 review indonesia

The grilles on both the satellite units as well as the subwoofer nicely complement the design. The satellite units are almost 8-inches tall, so they are not going to be unobtrusive or inconspicuous. Both satellite units connect to the subwoofer directly but the right one, with all its controls, has a very thick cable which terminates in a VGA type connector at the subwoofer end. The satellites carry only one full range driver each. The driver housing seems solid enough, and the dials feel sturdy.

Logitech Z625 Review

The volume dial on our unit had a bit of a tight feel till about the 30 percent mark, after which it freed up. The base of the satellite unit has anti-slip rubberised feet and the units are heavy enough not to topple over easily.

logitech z625 review indonesia

All three components of this 2. Despite the crappy photograph, the matte black finish looks quite good in person. You'll just have to take our word for it. This greatly enhances the ways in which you can use these 2.The Logitech Z might be one of the best computer speakers available right now.

Great value for money, incredible performance, and THX certification are all contributing factors that set the system above so many.

In terms of performance and sound quality, the Logitech is identical to the Z Logitech has basically just added a few extra input options and called it an upgrade. If having additional inputs are important to you, then the Logitech Z might be a better option for you.

The 2. The result is that you will never have to sacrifice loudness for clarity, the Z can do it all. The Logitech Z comes with a powerful subwoofer and two individual satellite speakers, which are black in color and have a sleek matte finish. The THX certification provides a standard that these speakers have to pass rigorous testing that few meet: deep bass, ample power and trusted performance.

The system has RCA and 3. The 3. The Logitech Z features a single 3. The Logitech Z speaker system comprises of three components: the two satellite speakers, and the subwoofer. The satellite speakers are 7.

Logitech Z623 Review

There are also rubber feet situated at the bottom of the satellite speakers to prevent vibration and shaking when listening to music at higher levels. The satellite speakers are designed to point at an upward angle, where the top of the speaker is narrow and the bottom is wide.

The right satellite speaker has all the main controls attached to the front of it, whereas the left is smooth with just the driver. The right speaker controls include: power, volume, and bass. Each speaker has a front-firing, 2. The satellite speakers have a matte black finish and the sealed drivers are enclosed by a soft subtle rubber and metal grill.The Logitech Z speaker system is simply an upgrade to the Z, and to be an upgrade, the only thing that had to be added to it was an optical input.

Everything else is pretty much the same, but with the addition of an optical input, the Z can then be hooked up to a TV or your console, making it much more efficient to use compared to its predecessor. The Z speaker set remains a 2. The system is also versatile in that it can connect up to 3 entertainment devices simultaneously, and since it comes with a 3.

The set produces a cumulative watts RMS once connected to your audio source, and with its deep bass subwoofer, you might have to retrain yourself from throwing a full blown party once you start playing some music through it.

The set does not disappoint, though we do wish that it allowed for Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming.

The Logitech Z is a versatile choice for a user who is concerned about the quality of his sound. The audio system looks great, is powerful and can connect multiple devices at once.

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As such, some of the links on this page may earn us a commission when you click thru and purchase from the associated partner, like Amazon. However, at no time, will it ever affect our rankings or judgment of the product s in discussion or under evaluation. You can read more about our honesty pledge for additional insight on this matter. Sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly recommendations about seasonal and trending products. Logitech Z THX certified Optical input W peak power.

Performance 9. Design 8. Value 9. Reader Rating 0 Votes 0.Speaker kini seakan menjadi kebutuhan yang tak bisa dilewatkan untuk merasakan sensasi sempurna saat mendengarkan musik, menonton film, maupun bermain game. Salah satu merek speaker yang banyak dicari adalah Logitech. Perusahaan kenamaan asal Swiss ini memang sudah dikelan akan kualitas barang produksi mereka yang begitu baik. Demi membantumu mencari produk Logitech yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan, berikut ProductNation sajikan 10 seri bagus rekomendasi speaker nya.

Berencana untuk berpergian dan membutuhkan speaker untuk menghidupkan suasana traveling- mu? Tenang saja, Logitech kembali menghadirkan produk speaker portabelnya yang dirancang dengan bodi yang sangat unik dan kecil. Tidak lupa memiliki bobot yang ringan sehingga mudah dibawa ke mana-mana. Walau kecil, model X50 mampu menghasilkan frekuensi suara Hz - 2 KHz dengan baterai yang bisa bertahan hingga 5 jam penggunaan.

Logitech Z terbilang sebagai salah satu speaker yang istimewa. Seri speaker ini merupakan speaker desktop pertama yang diluncurkan Logitech dengan mengusung konektivitas Bluetooth. Selain dipersenjatai dengan daya sebesar 80 Watt dan suara yang jernih, Z pun dibekali dengan pod serbaguna yang bisa digunakan untuk mengendalikan volume, mengatur tingkat bassmenjadi tombol daya, serta untuk mengoneksikan jaringan Bluetooth. Mendengarkan musik dengan speaker yang menggelegar memang sangat mengasyikkan, apalagi dengan speaker Logitech Z Speaker yang terdiri dari sebuah subwoofer dan dua buah satelit dengan desain minimalis ini siap menghadirkan suara yang nyaring dan bass yang mendalam.

Berkat keberadaan kabel jack 3,5 mm, kamu bisa menghubungkannya dengan laptop dan smartphone -mu. Logitech meluncurkan salah satu produk speaker stereo nya yang dirancang dengan bentuk yang mungil dengan harga yang terbilang murah.

Selain memiliki suara yang menawan, speaker ini sudah dibekali dengan kenop untuk mengontrol volume suara dan docking kabel agar membuat susunan kabel tetap rapi dan tidak berbelit saat digunakan. Bentuk dan desainnya yang simpel pun membuat kontrolnya semakin mudah. Logitech Z adalah speaker 2. Ukurannya membuatnya tidak ribet dan jelas tanpa memakan banyak tempat. Selain keluaran suara yang mantap, kamu pun dapat dengan mengostumisasikan audio dengan mengatur tingkat bass sesuai keinginan.

Ingin merasakan sensasi menonton film bersama keluarga di rumah layaknya menonton film di bioskop? Cukup dengan menggunakan speaker Logitech ZGet our Chrome plugin. Last Updated: November 24, Refresh Now. Review Summary. Total Reviews. Spam Test. Review Summary - recent, verified reviews.

Sound Quality.

logitech z623 bass test

Well rounded performance while playing music with punchy bass, clear vocals and instruments. These are one of the best 2. Though they are best speakers if you don't have space for 5.

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Sound quality is good for the price, base is slightly overpowering, To get good output you should connect to TV or computer, Best for watching movie and gaming, dont recommend for music lovers It is better than 5. Awesome sound quality, in this price range you will not get better than this. If ur looking for best sounding speaker then this is for u. I recommend u this speaker Remember this speaker is THX certified so u can buy this blindly Track custom deep topics? If you are the kind of person who is looking for heart thumping BASS.

For an amazing bass experience, don't think twice. It has a punchy bass, which makes that more worth at this price range.

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I used their speaker Z for last 10 years and was very satisfied with its sound quality and bass. I was not disappointed with this new model as it gives equally super quality sound and really powerfull bass.

Logitech Z625 Powerful THX PC Speaker Black

These are some of the best quality speakers for their price range. Best speakers you can get in this price range. If you want a theatre like sound quality at home at an affordable price, this is the best thing you can get for your money hands down.

Best for small room and desktop for watching movies and songs listening. This speaker system makes it all happen right in your living room. Really awesome sound quality and awesome experience with this speaker. Overall a very capable home theatre, all you need to do is to ramp up the volume and it will make you smile! Powerful sound output with a decent quality as a computer speaker - in fact, it might be a bit of an overkill for a computer.

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Also a 5. You can't expect that how impressive bass and vocals can be produced through this combination. Great bass, and mids. Profound bass, clear treble, THX effects. Sound quality seriously is good,bass is moreover prominent with crisp highs. Since according to present time there is not availability of pendrive and Bluetooth facility but it's amazing.

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logitech z625 review indonesia

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logitech z625 review indonesia

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